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Nori All Purpose Paste
Uses for Nori Paste:
Nori Paste is an archival safe starch based adhesive. It is completely reversible in water so you can re-wet the paste and remove it safely from any durable surface without damaging the artwork. Nori paste can be used for wet mounting artworks such as Sumi-e paintings on thin absorbent paper to a hard substrate such as museum and rag board. The artwork must first be created on 100% cotton or high quality Japanese Kozo paper. Nori Paste thins with water and can be used as a medium to bind powdered pigments. It is great for bonding thin heavily fibered papers together such as mulberry or kozo papers.

Paper Crafts and Rubberstamping:
Nori Paste is great for adhering paper onto odd shaped surfaces such as real or plastic eggs, wooden beads, glass candleholders, windows and papier-mache boxes. Nori paste dries slowly which allows for repositioning without tearing even the most delicate papers. It becomes tacky only after the moisture begins to evaporate so there are several minutes to move the paper around the surface. After a few minutes the paste will set and dry with no sticky residue. This remarkable feature of Nori Paste is not comparable to any other glue on the market. An image can be stamped or drawn right over the dried surface and is compatible with most inks. It is perfect to use for torn paper collage, greeting cards, bookbinding and much more. Short fibered papers such as bond or copy paper will wrinkle, so for perfectly flat results, press item under a heavy object such as a book while drying.

Needlework and Quilting:
Nori Paste can be used for Bunka embroidery and other types of needlework. Bunka embroidery is a punch needle technique and the paste is used to seal the back of the canvas to keep the threads in place. Quilters can find this paste helpful too since it washes out of fabrics completely leaving no residue. It can be used to baste fabric pieces such as appliqué or quilt blocks before stitching. Nori paste dries to invisible finish and does not alter or soak through fabric surfaces. Smooth any wrinkles down easily by moving the fabric along the surface before the paste sets

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