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Washi Eggs

Cover hollowed out eggs with decorative Japanese Yuzen paper also known as Washi with a few simple techniques. Using our slow drying Nori paste makes this traditional craft much more easy to do!


  • Yuzen print origami paper cut in half
  • Nori all Purpose paste
  • Scissors
  • Clear fingernail polish or waterbased sealer
  • Real medium or large egg
  • Egg blower (optional)


Blow out the egg insides by piercing both ends with a sharp needle or awl. Make the hole on one end bigger than the other but no larger than the size of a small pea. Put the egg over a bowl and gently blow out the contents. Be very careful not to fracture the egg. Let the egg dry completely before proceeding to the next steps.

Cut a piece of Yuzen origami paper in half. You will have a 3" x 6" rectangle. Fold the rectangle shaped paper in half lengthwise with the printed sides together.

Cut two circles out of the Yuzen paper about the size of a quarter and cut slits three slits around the edge towards the center. Use the circles to cover any large holes left by the draining of the egg.

"Fencepost" cut the folded strip down to about 1/2" to the folded edge. Make the cuts about 1/4" apart. Unfold the strip

Cut little peaks of the ends to make sharp little corners.
Spread the paste over the wrong side of the Yuzen paper rectangle and wrap the paper around the egg overlapping the little strips as you go. Trim excess paper at end if needed so that there is no overlapping of paper around the egg.
Smooth down all paper edges with your fingers. Add more paste if needed for thorough smoothing of paper. The paste is specially formulated so that you can slide the paper and adjust it on the egg if needed for a smooth result.
After the paper dries on the egg, cover it with several coats of a waterbased lacquer. Make several and place in a glass bowl for a beautiful centerpiece. 



Use a wooden egg instead of a real egg using the same technique.

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