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Painting Bamboo Video

The art of Sumi-e is a practice that takes years to master, but success can be acheived in a short period of time by learning time tested techniques and starting with a fairly simple subject. The most important aspect of Sumi-e is the preparation. The basic supplies are simple: ink, brush and paper.





  • Black Sumi ink in liquid or stick (In this project we used pure liquid sumi ink (KY series)
  • Round sumi brush for painting the bamboo trunk (CC2)
  • Round sumi brush for knots, stem and leaves (Haboku Artist brush medium 8030M)
  • Rice paper (6H pad)
  • Round flower palette, plastic or ceramic
  • water
  • A felt pad to place under the paper
  • Paper towels or rags


Place the white paper smooth side up on top of the felt pad.
Pour some black ink into the center of the flower palette and then pour a little ink into the other sections of the palette and dilute each section with a little water so that you acheive various shades of black to a light grey. Wet your brushes and remove any starch sizing if they are new.
Watch the video!


Practice the brush strokes on a scrap piece of paper several times before painting.
After the painting dries, you will see the details of the brush strokes

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