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Chinese Watercolors

Introducing our Authentic Chinese watercolors! This 12 color set is made specifically for Chinese painting but can be mixed with traditional watercolors and Japanese watercolors for amazing results. The colors are brilliant and light fast. They are water resistant when dry which can withstand wet mounting.

This 12 color set is designed for traditional Chinese painting techniques. It is water resistant after drying when wet mounting on absorbent paper, yet fully water soluble like a traditional watercolor. They are designed for traditional Chinese painting techniques but they can be mixed with other watercolors to achieve interesting color combinations.

These watercolors can be fully reworked like any watercolor BUT it takes a little longer because the binder is different and much stronger.

Some of the colors in this set are semi transparent and some are opaque. Traditional Chinese colors come with the plant based colors which are semi transparent and the mineral based colors are opaque.

These paints are smooth in consistency and are finely ground. The colors conform to ASTM D-4236.

Chinese painting techniques sometimes include painting one side of a rice paper then painting again on the reverse after the first side has dried. In traditional Chinese painting it is also common to completely re-wet a finished painting in order to mount it.  In both cases these techniques would ruin any work done with western colors as the painting would smear. Because of these paints’ water resistance both these techniques can be accomplished.

Colors included in the set are: Burnt Sienna, Scarlet, Gamboge Yellow, Chinese White, Vermillion, Cinnabar, Rouge, Carmine, Light Red, Light Green, Blue, Phthalo Blue and Indigo.

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