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Peaceful Wave Brush

Yasutomo is proud to present a new Sumi-e artist brush made by the best brush makers in Japan. The Peaceful Wave brush bears the Kumano Fude quality label and serial number proving it's authenticity and quality. Artists, students and teachers will enjoy new found levels of Sumi-e skills as these brushes are discovered and employed. Each of these brushes are hand crafted by skilled brush makers and are of the highest quality. There are many types of brushes for Sumi-e and Calligraphy.  Unlike western brushes there aren’t a hundred types with one hair mixture.  Each type is its own mixture and size depending on the usage. JB100 and JB200 are available individually but make a great pair because of their unique function and performance. Please contact us for more information.

JB100 Peaceful Wave Brush Small


JB200 Peaceful Wave Brush Medium




Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 18:48

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