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Surprise your family and friends with this simple to make card and box as seen demonstrated on the Carol Duvall Show and the book Origami Card Craft. The box folds completely flat and when the tabs are pulled apart, a surprise card is inside. This box and card can be made elegant or whimsical depending on your choice of paper.




Supplies Needed


  • 9 3/4" square paper (HPSE135)
  • 1 strip red paper (HPSE194) cut 10" x 3"
  • Red and black double sided origami paper 6"
  • 2 pieces gold card stock cut 3 1/8"
  • Square shaped rubber stamp
  • ribbon
  • pigmented stamp pad
  • black fine embossing powder
  • glue

Box Instructions

Fold the box according to the diagram and be sure to crease well. Just click on the image below to enlarge it.

After you have folded the box, create a simple belt to hold it together with the red strip of paper. First, fold the paper in half lengthwise and then fold again. Glue the raw edges together. Wrap the belt around the box and trim excess. Glue the ends together and finish the raw edge with a stamped embellishment. The belt will slide off and on easily and will hold the box flat.

Card Instructions

Fold the card.

Fold the paper in half, unfold, then fold in half again. Turn the paper over and fold in half diagonally. Note the mountain and valley creases.

Collapse along the creases to make it flat and with two flaps on both sides.

Open and decorate the card by stamping or writing a message inside.

Glue the card stock to both outside edges of the card.

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