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FabricMate Markers

Fabric dye in a pen! No clean-up, no mess. All colors mix well together to make endless color combinations. Use for coloring, decorating and dyeing on all fabrics. Fabricmate® markers are much easier to handle than brushes and paints. No clean-up. Pigment fabric dye is "permanent" after drying so no need to heat set. Non-Toxic. There are three tip sizes for different techniques and a colorless blender for soft blended effects. FabricMate® All of our FabricMate® markers are available for purchase at Hobby Lobby Stores and as well as fine art and craft shops.

Use FabricMate® Markers to draw or write on cloth as easily as you would on paper! It's simpler than using paints and brushes. These fine point markers can produce either a fine line or a broad line. Each marker contains a highly pigmented fabric dye. Colors mix together beautifully and there's no mess or cleanup. Heat setting is not required for permanence. It's a fun and functional way to bring designs to life with color on all fabric projects. FabricMate Markers contain no toxic ingredients, and conform to ASTM D 4236. Comes in 29 colors.

Designer Colors Set — This set includes 6 markers, Black, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Viridian, Portrait Pink, and Cobalt Blue.

Fluorescent Colors Set — This set includes 6 markers, Neon Orange, Yellow, Violet, Lime, Neon Pink, and Sky Blue.

Pastel Colors Set — This set includes 6 markers, Mist Gray, Lavender, Dusty Rose, Strawberry, Suede, and Aqua.

Standard Colors Set — This set includes 6 markers, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, and Black.

Tropical Colors Set — This set includes 6 markers, Lemon, Apple Green, Magenta, Gray, Peacock Blue, and Purple.

FabricMate features and benefits:


Fabricmate is, quite simply, a pen with fabric dye inside. Its unique dye requires no soda ash, steaming or heat setting for permanance.  The colors simply have to dry and the dyed fabric is ready for laundering or wearing. We offer two pen types, brush tip and chisel tip.Both our brush tip and chisel tip pens are made with nibs that are more expensive than other pens have.

The nibs are stiff and formed all the way through.

The tip holds up for the life of the pen.

A nib can be cut into a custom shape to make it more versatile, like a calligraphy tip, a notched tip or a feathered tip.

The tip won't bend or collapse even under high pressure.


Our brush tip is wide at the base, perfectly rounded and comes to a pin point at the tip.

A fine point line is available by using the strong tip as well as a nice broad stroke by using the side of the nib.

Many coloring techniques are available with this tip which makes nobody's style 'wrong' for the product.  Everyone gets top results with this product.


The chisel tip is set low in the barrel.

The tip is sturdy and does not wobble or bend. 

People color in different ways. This pen can stand up to them all.


The chisel tip edge at its point is wide.

The coloring area is wider for broad dying techniques yet there are two sharp edges for fine lines.

Most other chisel tips come to one edge and offer no broad coverage. Consumers get frustrated when they can't make a fine or broad line. 

Our fabric dye is not an ink or a paint or a solvent chemical.

The dye marries with the fabric to change its color rather than sit on top like a paint to flake, peel or wear off.

The user will like the hand of the fabric after it has been dyed by the markers.

It won't feel like a heavy blob where the colors are.

The colors blend together while wet upon the fabric to create unique and satisfying effects.

The garment will wash and last like any professionally dyed fabric.  Its been dyed, not painted or tinted.


The fabric dye inside the pen is odorless

This makes the pen pleasant to use without an unidentified scent to raise suspicions or concerns.


Fabricmate offers 29 spectacular colors PLUS a colorless blender

An opportunity for brilliant colors, shading, blending and color mixing. 

The dye colors mix and blend without becoming muddy and dirty.



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